Why Florida Fresh Detailing?

There are plenty of mobile detailers, shops and roadside car washes out there, so that begs the question – why Florida Fresh Detailing?

First of all, detailing is a business with a low barrier of entry, meaning nearly anyone can put some wash supplies in the back of their truck and start a detailing business. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, that is how a lot of great detailers got their start. And some of those folks are really good at getting your ride clean.

Even the Mommy Mobile needs some fresh detailing once in a while!

However more often than not, those side hustlers and start ups offer something they call a full detail, but really its just a really good car wash. Of course if that’s what you want, great! Throughout my time as a detailer, I’ve discovered that many customers want something beyond a deep clean. They want a shine they haven’t seen since it was fresh off the lot. And that’s where Florida Fresh comes in.

Intense polishing and wax/sealant provide the foundation of a Florida Fresh detail.

The difference Polishing can make

Polishing is the process of removing a very tiny bit of your paint (usually your clear coat on a modern vehicle) in order to remove micro abrasions, small scratches, oxidation and scuffs that give your paint a dull appearance.

Once polished, the surface is smooth and clean, ideal conditions to apply a sealant or wax to protect your newly polished paint. I often encourage my customers to run their finger across the freshly waxed surface so that they may understand how their ride should feel.

Bugs, bird bombs and other filth do not stick to this surface as easily, making future car washes way easier.

Both our High Definition and Ultra High Definition packages feature this critical polishing step. The difference between the two is the amount of polishing performed and the longevity of the sealant applied after.

Like many services, detailing is one of those products that you truly get what you pay for. You can’t compare a hundred dollar detail to a three hundred dollar detail in quality and effort. Our Ultra High Definition packages can take 7-9 hours to complete and is designed to be a complete refresh of your vehicle. If cared for, the polishing work alone should last a few years.


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