What to expect

So you’re getting your ride detailed? Here’s A Few things to know.

Theory: Shiny cars drive smoother and go faster.

What to expect from your detailing experience:

First and foremost, detailing takes time. Anywhere between four to eight hours on average, depending on how much work needs to be performed. The goal of Florida Fresh Detailing is for you, the customer, to experience a significant upgrade in the aesthetic of your ride in the most convenient way possible.

Exterior Detailing:

At a minimum your vehicle will be cleaned from bumper to bumper and given a “sacrificial coat” such as wax or sealant. This is critical to protect your paint from bird droppings, hard water spots, bug splatters and general wear and tear. Please inform us if there are any areas you’d like extra attention on. If your ride is being polished, please understand that no finish is ever perfect, especially when working outdoors, but you should still expect a significant upgrade in the appearance of your paint.

Interior Detailing

An effort will be made to remove as much sand, dog hair and staining as possible. Depending on the severity of the situation, it may not be possible to get the interior spotless. Again the phrase “significant upgrade” applies here.

In addition, we will not remove objects from your closed console and glove box to clean inside. We will clean the edges of those areas well as not to disturb your personal effects. If those areas are empty, or nearly empty, they will be completely cleaned.

If you have stains on your headliner we will use very light chemical cleaning or light steam to attempt to remove them. However we cannot use too much of either, because that could shorten the life span of the headliner adhesive.

Objects on your floorboards and seats will be put into an opaque privacy bag and placed on one of your seats. You may find that long lost earring in there!

Environment and Location

Every effort has been made to source and utilize chemicals that are organic in nature and will not hurt our environment or our water supply. Please let us know about any concerns you or your HOA may have prior to your appointment, so that we will have answers for all interested parties before the work commences.

Our work is done outdoors, starting early, in the sun or occasionally natural shade. It helps to have ample room on both sides of the vehicle to work.

We can utilize your water and electricity on site, or we can use our own water, it really depends on what your preference is and what is most convenient. If your are located at an office or apartment complex, please ensure the property owner is okay with you getting your car detailed there and sufficient space exists to perform the work.


We guarantee our work. What that means is, that if we “miss a spot” or some work isn’t performed, we will make it right if at all possible, or explain to you why the work could not be performed. If you go mud bogging, that’s on you though.

In closing

Detailing is not an exact science. More often than not, a good detail is a entire body of work, an art form. Some rides look best with emphasis on the wheels and trim, others benefit more from extensive paint polishing. We will communicate completely with you, the customer, to ensure that your expectations are accurate and you get exactly what you pay for.

Thank you for trusting us to do what we do best.

Mike – Florida Fresh Detailing