What We offer

Let’s be clear – the great state of Florida is rough on your ride. There’s searing heat, paint destroying love bugs, nearly nuclear UV rays, seemingly endless beach sand, and summer afternoon typhoon like thunderstorms. With all of that happening, it pays to have a hardworking professional helping you keep your pride and joy looking its best.

Florida Fresh uses a mix of old school methods, modern chemicals and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease tailored to meet the demands of our harsh environment. We are mobile for your convenience and offer simple, consumer friendly detailing services to improve the look and feel of your ride.

Standard Definition

Our Standard Definition wash is for maintenance only! If you’re a previous customer with life left on your previous polish and wax, we will gladly tidy things up for you and keep the party going for longer.

For everyone else, we direct you to our HD and UHD packages.

High definition

In addition to a standard clean, you can expect a higher attention to detail applied to the finer parts of your vehicle. We will decontaminate your paint, clay bar, machine polish and top it with a carnuba wax designed to enhance and protect. Whether you’re ready to make a good first impression with your ride or just spoiling yourself with a fresher commute to work, we got you covered.

UltrA High

Above and beyond the standard and high definition packages, UHD is our most complete refresh of your ride. Think of dear old dad in the driveway on the weekend giving that jet black 1985 Mercury Cougar the business. We will polish your paint to a greater degree of clarity and seal it off with a modern, durable synthetic coating that basically tells the harsh Florida sun to take a hike. Just like a smoked brisket, this could take all day to get right, so plan accordingly.

Unique Job?

Call or text a picture! Florida Fresh will detail your boat, aircraft, lawnmower or anything else we can put a buffer on. We will try to provide an accurate quote over the phone, or meet in person to give you an idea of what to expect when you hire us to do your dirty work!

Give us a call! Because after all…life is better when it shines!


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