What We offer

Let’s be clear – the great state of Florida is rough on your ride. There’s searing heat, paint destroying love bugs, nearly nuclear UV rays, seemingly endless beach sand, and summer afternoon typhoon like thunderstorms. Honestly, keeping your ride cleaned and protected here is an art unto itself.

Florida Fresh uses a mix of old school methods, modern chemicals and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease tailored to meet the demands of our harsh environment. We are an exclusive service, dedicated to long term owners who love their rides and want to keep them looking great.

Florida Fresh is not a car wash service or a traditional dealership detail. Our work is a “once every few years” type affair designed to appease the car gods. With that said, Florida Fresh offers a complete refresh of your vehicle based on a preliminary inspection. Our work features:


The cornerstone of a great exterior detail, eligible vehicles will get a multistep or single step polish depending on the condition of the paint. The motto here is: First do no harm. Polishing removes a minuscule amount of your paint in order to reveal the bright, unmarred surface below.

Steam Cleaning

Steam works well on the interior and exterior in a variety of situations. Chemically neutral, this method of cleaning is good for your ride and the environment. We can’t guarantee every stain comes out of those seats, but it will be clean, sanitary and much improved!


It is important that both the interior and exterior be given a layer of protection. The interior will get a protective dressing while the exterior will get a long lasting sealant designed to protect and prolong your shine!

Headlight Restoration

Cloudy, nasty looking headlights can be polished back to their former glory. A freshly detailed vehicle with ugly headlights is a drag..

Trim Restoration

We utilize a ceramic infused product designed specifically to bring your trim back to life. A freshly detailed vehicle with faded trim is also a drag.

Wheel Work

Sometimes, wheels are a job just by themselves. We use a variety of chemicals and techniques to get results dependent on your unique wheels. Your tires are coated with a matte tire lotion, keeping the rubber supple but not greasy,.


Okay this last one is for fun, but each vehicle given the Florida Fresh treatment will be featured on its own video with original music, designed to give your ride its time in the spotlight. Show your friends, impress your neighbors and bask in the glow of having a great looking car. Don’t worry, no embarrassing “before” shots of the interior featuring the lost French fry will be used. Your mess is your business. Cleaning it is ours.