What We’re About

Florida Fresh is fully mobile and offers end-to-end detailing services for cars, boats, and more for customers in the greater Nassau County, FL area. That’s Callahan, Yulee, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, and even Hilliard. We get around North Duval as well. That’s the simple answer.

What sets Florida Fresh apart from many others in the business is our focus is truly on the result above all else. I’m not a doctor, I don’t double book. It’s done when its done.

As an enthusiast and classic car owner, I know what it’s like to illogically love a car and want it to look its best. Our work is an all day affair designed to truly refresh your vehicle. After returning your keys, I always try to make myself available for further questions or car care tips so you can keep that shine lasting far beyond your detailing appointment. Advice is always free!

Furthermore, Florida Fresh goes beyond detailing. Our goal is to transform car culture to include anyone and everyone that enjoys their rides and enjoys the freedom of the open road.

Mike Mahaney, owner of Florida Fresh Detailing


Detailing in the sun, on a Jeep as bright as the sun.

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